About Us

About the company

Web-Tech Concepts was started in early 2010 and was formally launched with the acquisition of the assets of Jaymunda Inc. We were located in Asheville, North Carolina. From 2010 through 2011 we have been doing business as (DBA) Jaymunda (please refer to the Jaymunda Clients page for more information).

In 2012 a decision was made to focus the company on website and application development activities. As such, we are no longer doing business as Jaymunda and now as our own company name. The company is now located in Columbia, Maryland.

About the owner

James Pressey graduated from UC Santa Barbara in 1987 with a degree in Bachelor degree in Electrical Engineering. He has also completed a couple of years of graduate work at the University of Santa Clara in San Jose with work focused on communications and adaptive processes.

James went to work from Ford Aerospace, located in San Jose, in 1987 and has stayed with the company through a couple of changes of ownership, from Loral to Lockheed Martin. He also was involved with a startup in or around 1997 with a startup called TeoN as the lead coherent optical receiver designer, just before the telecommunication crash (great timing).

James through his career has been involved numerous projects, big and small, through the complete development lifecycle on a number of different projects. These projects were generally focused on providing custom hardware and software solutions that involve communications technology, data transport and processing. Most recently these solutions were Advanced Telecommunication Computing Architecture (ATCA) based.

In 2010 James decided to move on and create his own technology development and consulting company. The adventure was begun by a move to Ashville, North Carolina and the purchase of the assets of Jaymunda, followed by restricting and a move to Columbia, Maryland our current location.