Jaymunda Clients

When Web-Tech Concepts acquired the assets of Jaymunda in July of 2010 the intention was to continue to provide the full range of services that Jaymunda provided. However as time went on we realized that we would best service our clients by narrowing the scope of services provided. This allows us to do what we do best, provided development and technical consulting services.


In the past Jaymunda provided website hosting as a service. Web-Tech Concepts no longer provides these services. However we are continuing to provide hosting services free of charge to past Jaymunda clients. We have begun a gradual transition process of moving hosting services to past clients hosting service of choice. This has been a gradual process, usually when clients contact us. We will be notifying clients over the next year or so about the transition and there will be some cutoff date when we close down these particular hosting services late in 2014, to be determined.

We can assist in the transition of your website but this may require. It may be a good time to think about a site refresh. We work closely with Apple Advertising who provide excellent design and marketing consulting. You can get it all done at once.

Web-Tech services can maintain your account under an appropriate maintenance agreement. Please contact us by email or our contact form.

Domain Names

We will continue to host the domain names that are currently under Jaymunda at no charge. However, as with hosting, we have begun a gradual transition of domains to the owners. As a domain owner, it is in your best interest to have direct access and control over your domains. They are part of your assets that need to be updated and verified on a periodic basis, something that we do not do in general.

Transfer of a domain is a relatively painless operation. You will need to setup a domain hosting account then request a transfer of your domains to that account. We currently have all domains in GoDaddy and you may want to create an account there for ease of transition (we do not endorse or recommend GoDaddy, it’s just where the domains are hosted).

You may contact us if you need assistance (email is best).

Marketing and Design Services

Web-Tech Concepts no longer provides Web Design or any other marketing graphic design or copy services. We work closely with Apple Advertising who provides excellent services. Please fill free to contact them at Apple Advertising and don’t forget to let them know you were referred by Web-Tech Concepts.

Previous Design Archives

We have kept archives of work that Jaymunda had performed in the past. This includes graphic design elements that may have been used for your website or other marketing material. If you need any of these material please contact us and we will provide these to the best of our ability. Please note that we are limited to only what the previous owner provided us and cannot guarantee the availability of all materials.

About the purchase of Jaymunda Assets

Please note that Web-Tech Concepts only purchased the assets (including the rights to use the name Jaymunda) of Jaymunda Inc. and not the company. Any liabilities that Jaymunda Inc. continue to remain with Jaymunda Inc. We currently are not in contact with the previous owner (of Jaymunda Inc.) and are not able to provide contact information at this time.